Donations to the Friends of PBCLS

Do you have gently-used books, DVDs or CDs you want to get rid of? The Friends of PBCLS will take the donations for their book sales. You can purchase the donated materials at our library locations. The funds raised from the book donations go towards Library activities and events. The condition of the materials received is very important. For the health and safety of our customers, volunteers and staff, we are unable to use items that have been damaged. This includes materials that have been wet, moldy, buggy, have a strong odor, chewed, burnt, or dirty. Please recycle these items yourself.

The following is a guide of items we will accept as well as what we are unable to use:

Acceptable Items


  • Items which are in good condition, clean, dry, mold-free
  • Books with dust jackets
  • Fiction of all types
  • Gently-used Children’s books
  • Nonfiction books
  • Sheet music and music books
  • Books on topics such as travel, medicine, finance, legal issues for the lay person, should be no more than 2-3 years old


Magazines of timeless interest such as National Geographic, crafts, cooking, history, and gardening

Audiovisual Materials

DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks on CD.

Unacceptable Items

  • Items which are unhealthy to handle, have an odor, are dirty, moldy, burnt, chewed, or wet
  • Books missing dust jackets
  • Encyclopedias or yearbooks
  • VHS or Audiocassette tapes
  • Homemade DVDs, CDs, videos, or cassette tapes
  • Reader’s Digest books


All donations to the Friends of PBCLS are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Ask at the Checkout Desk for a Friends’ donation form. The Friends do not assign value to your donation. Bring your materials to your local branch.