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Let's all create giant, life sized flowers. These aren't just for kids, so bring mom! All ages. (60 min.)

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we wil enjoy some poetry written by Hispanic authors. Then dance with us and make a cultural craft. Ages 4-7. (45 min.)

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we will enjoy stories about the ones who are most special to us, our Abuelos and Abuelas. Bring your Grandpa or Grandma along and make a special craft in his or her honor. Ages 4-7. (45 min.)

What makes a spider? We'll learn about these fascinating creatures and make a spider craft to take home. For spider lovers. Ages 5-8. (45 min.)

How do you celebrate birthdays? In this four-week program, we'll hear birthday stories. Then we'll play games and make a craft from each country we visit. Ages 4-7. (60 min.)