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We will learn about an ancient war and then build forts, make catapults, and stage a battle! Ages 7-12. (90 min.)

You will be amazed as teenagers astound you with traditional Native American dances. This troupe, which has been in existence for 25 years, is made up of 14-18 year olds who create their own costumes with beautiful hand-sewn bead work. All ages. (60 min.)

Feast your eyes and hands on a smorgasbord of food crafts. All ages. (45 min.)

Flower Power is back again by demand. Join us again to make giant flowers. All ages. (60 min.)

Everyone loves a hat! Listen to all of the different designs that hats can arrive as, and make a hat of your own to wear home. Ages 4-7. (45 min.)

Are you a worrywart, a nervous Nellie? Then this story time is for you! Listen to stories about how some children overcome their anxieties, then dance your jitters out! Craft-making will be included. Ages 4-7. (45 min.)

Come learn about the planets and create your own world! Ages 6 & up. (60 min.)

Let's get up and go with dancing, hopscotch and more! Find a new, active game to fall in love with! Ages 5 & up. (60 min.)