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Let's make something special for a loved one with lace and sparkle that twinkles and shines to let them know they're our valentine. We'll have stories and a sweet snack, too! Ages 4-8. (45 min.)

We'll do a paper craft for Valentine's Day, making a card for a friend or family member. Ages 8-11. (45 min.)

We'll have a spectacular time celebrating the birthday of our first president. We'll make a craft and learn fact from fiction about this great leader-yes, he did have wooden teeth, among other strange stuff! Ages 5-9. (45 min.)

We'll make and wear stovepipe hats and beards to mark this special day of one of our country's best presidents. Good Ole Abe was a colorful storyteller and we'll hear stories about him growing up in the olden days. Ages 5-9. (45 min.)

Come celebrate the Year of the Snake with crafts, music, and games. You don't have to speak Chinese or even be able to use chopsticks but, you may learn a little about both. Ages 5-9. (45 min.)

More winter weather or is spring coming soon? We'll find out when we make our own Punxsutawney Phil groundhog, read a story, and have fun. Ages 4-8. (45 min.)