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10:00 am - Ages 2-3. Toddler Story Time. (30 min.)

2:00 pm - Ages 6-11. Art Adventures. (60 min.)


11:00 am - Ages 13-23 mos. Wee Folks Storytime. (30 min.)


10:00 am - Ages 4-12 mos. Baby Lapsit. (30 min.)

11:00 am - Ages 3-5. Preschool Storytime. (45 min.)

Constellations wheeling through the night sky will be the "focus" of our program. We'll explore the stars above us through stories, a computer program and with flashlights. Bring a flashlight, if possible, since library supplies are limited to use on premises. Ages 7-12. (60 min.)

Insects are weird and wonderful creatures that we'll study and then make some of our own design using materials we find at hand. Get ready to make a little bit of a mess with paint, glue and other assorted fun stuff. Ages 5-8. (60 min.)

To design your own robot, first, dismantle some old computers and rummage through some interesting junk, next, taking a key or button from here and a bit of circuitry from there, and, voila! You've got a mechanized companion to listen to a story or two with you. Ages 8-12. (60 min.)

©Walt Disney Pictures. (88 min.) G

Celebrate the final match of the World Cup by playing Soccer Wii games and tabletop soccer. Make crafts and learn about the host country, Brazil. Ages 6-12. (60 min.)

There's crafty fun to be had with fun foam stickers and stamps in silly shapes and lots of colors. You can make a funny face with stickers or make a great picture to take home or make both! Ages 2-5. (30 min.)

Ages 8-12. (60 min.)