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What is a walla-pa-doo you ask? Well, come watch the show based on the book "Happy Dog Sizzles," by Lisa Grubb and find out. After the show, make your very own walla-pa-doo to go! All ages. (45 min.)

Music makes us want to move! Travel around the world trying different instruments and listening to a variety of tunes. Ages 5-8. (45 min.)

Join us as we travel to a galaxy far, far away for activities and crafts based on the Star Wars saga. Ages 8 & up. (45 min.)

Explore nature and science at the library this summer through crafts and activities. Ages 6 & up. (45 min.)

Using the ancient art of origami, construct a prehistoric world of dinosaurs. Ages 10-14. (45 min.)

Enjoy the dog days of summer by creating cool summertime crafts with family and friends! All ages. (45 min.)

Learn some sign language this summer! The class will cover basic greetings along with the alphabet, colors, numbers and foods. Watch a signed story and play games to review. Ages 6 & up. (60 min.)