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Practice using a mouse in a self-paced setting. For beginners. (60 min.) Preregister.

Make some great crafts using a variety of household materials and a touch of glitter. Books with unique craft ideas available for reference and to check-out. All Ages. (45 min.)

After-school activities on Wednesdays.

Bring your friends and enjoy Nintendo games and crafts based on the book "Sneaky Art," by Marthe Jocelyn. Ages 9-12. (90 min.)

Listen to music as we wiggle, jump, hop, and do a yoga stretch or two and improve motor skills, rhythm, and coordination using beanbags, balls, instruments, and more. Ages 2-4. (45 min.)

Join us for hands-on science activities that mix hot ideas with cool experiments. Ages 6-10. (45 min)

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