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Come DANCE! Come LAUGH! Come CELEBRATE! Actress and writer, April C. Turner celebrates Zora Neal Hurston's exploration of the cultural traditions of Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, and the American south through this lively, interactive program of folklore, song, and dance. All ages. (45 min.)

Bring your creativity! Make a new friend and craft project each week. Ages 4-8. (45 min.)

Spend a summer afternoon listening to fantasy fiction, singing songs, and illustrating the book's events to stre---tch the story. Ages 4-6.

Play fun learning games and puzzles, and listen to a story filled with fantastic phonemic sounds. Ages 4-6. (45 min.)

Make a book costume sign of a popular children’s book to wear and walk around our live book walk display. Ages 4-6. (45 min.)

Dress to get messy while painting your mud masterpiece and hear stories about getting dirty in the muck, mire, and mud. Ages 4-6. (45 min.)

Salty Sue will inspire you to dig up a good book, and explore science and discovery with music, magic, and audience participation. All ages. (45 min.)