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Have a snack and play Wii games, board games, or card games with friends. Ages 6-12. (2 hr.)

Bring your 3DS, DSi, or Pokémon cards to battle, trade, and make new friends. Ages 6-12. (90 min.)

Children can start to recognize and express their emotions appropriately as they dance to funny feelings rhythms and paint a life-sized mood portrait. Ages 5-8. (60 min.)

Join us for a musical extravaganza as we jam with lots of musical instruments to all our story time favorites. Ages 2-5. (30 min.)

Discover more about the world around us as we explore our senses. Ages 3-5.

Bring your creativity and make a new friend and a craft project. Ages 3-8. (60 min.)

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Word to create and edit documents. Some computer experience is necessary. (60 min.-2 hr.) Preregister.

Sing-along and dance with your favorite nursery rhymes and create a rhyming collage. Ages 4-7. (60 min.)