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Make music and melodies with a hand-crafted instrument and find out all about the sounds around us. Ages 4-7. (60 min.)

Do you love to singalong to our story time songs? Join a jam session with all our favorite songs and lots of musical instruments for you to play, as we keep the music going. Ages 2-5. (30 min.)

Meet fellow builders and work together, or alone, on creative projects. Ages 6-12. (90 min.)

Discover the tricks to catching a criminal as we collect fingerprints, use chromatography and fluorescence to analyze samples, and challenge our observational skills to become Crime Scene Investigators. Ages 8-12. (90 min.)

Look, listen, touch and do so much more! Explore the world and experiment with the powers you have inside you to discover all kinds of surprising things. Ages 4-7. (60 min.)