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Listen to chapters from a few different books while you use our supplies to work on one or two art project of your choice. Ages 8-12. (60-90 min.)

Explore how fossils are formed and make some of your own, then get ready to analyze prehistoric crime scenes. Ages 8-12. (60-90 min.)

Use our big fish-shaped paper as your canvas and design a school of colorful, undersea creatures to take home or display in the library. Ages 6-12. (60 min.)

Can you guess what will sink or float? Have fun experimenting with buoyancy and density in water. Dress to get messy. Ages 4-7. (60 min.)

Bring your creativity! Make a new friend and a fun summer craft project. Ages 3-8. (60 min.)

Learn the chemistry behind things that are sticky, slimy and gooey with a few demonstrations before making and playing with three different squishy substances. Dress to get messy. Ages 8-12. (60-90 min.)

Experience the excitement of hunting for a classy craft at our re-creation of 1850s New Orleans at the famous French Market with these two friends who learn that you can face anything together. Ages 6-12. (60-75 min.)

Draw and color silhouettes from reflections and shadows made by altered light. Ages 4-7. (60 min.)

Learn the basics of using Microsoft Word to create and edit documents. Some computer experience is necessary. (60 min.-2 hr.) Preregister.