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Through Mon, Sep 08, the Belle Glade Branch parking lot will be getting paved. At times, areas of the parking lot will be closed.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

11:00 am - Age 2. (35 min.)

3:30 pm - Family Story Time. (40 min.)


10:15 am - Ages 2-3. (35 min.)

11:00 am - Ages 4-6. (40 min.)


10:15 am - Age 2. (35 min.)

11:00 am - Ages 3-5. (40 min.)


10:15 am - Ages 0-12 mos. Pre-Walkers. (30 min.)

©Warner Bros. Escape the summer heat and do a related activity while you watch one of the most popular movies of this year. Ages 8 & up. (101 min.) PG

Let your dreams come true! Listen to stories, fingerplays and songs about dreams. Sing and dance to some silly songs and make a special craft to bring home. Don’t forget to wear your favorite PJ’s! Stuffed animals welcome! Ages 3-6 plus siblings. (45 min.)

Little ones can activate and utilize their five senses with stimulating “science experiences.” Dress to get messy. Ages 2-4. (40 min.)

Experience an afternoon of creativity using a variety of art materials and techniques. All materials will be provided. Ages 7-11. (60 min.)

Learn about the ancient art of paper folding called origami and make some simple origami crafts. Ages 7-10. (60 min.)

Unleash your inner scientist in our secret laboratory. Participate in simple experiments that make you think twice about science and how it affects our daily lives. Dress to get messy. Ages 9-12. (60 min.)