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Reading Tips

Did you know that it only takes 15 minutes a day to create a reader?

It’s true! Here are some tips to help your reading experience with your child be a fun and rewarding adventure.

Types of Books for Kids

  • Picture Books: for all ages; includes folktales, humor, imagination, everyday life, etc.
  • Beginning Readers: for independent reading written at specific grade levels
  • Novels: includes chapter book stories written at various reading levels; begin reading novels aloud when your child asks you to read for a longer amount of time.
  • Non-Fiction: includes poetry, cooking, sports, joke books, animals, history, arts & crafts, biographies; written at various reading levels.
  • Other Materials: newspapers, magazines.

General Tips for Reading Aloud

  • Allow your child to see you reading.
  • Read with expression; read slowly.
  • Encourage your child to participate by:
    • asking open-ended questions that make your child think, like "What would you do?"
    • alternate reading with your child. Take turns reading a page or chapter each.
  • Along with a read aloud time, plan an independent reading time as well.
  • Keep plenty of reading materials around the house.
  • Involve your child in selecting books as much as possible.
  • Matching the right book with the right child takes time. Be patient.
  • Make sure that you, as the reader, enjoy the story.
  • If a story isn't working, it is O.K. to stop reading.