In our Libraries, we welcome new residents from all over the world working to make a home right here in Palm Beach County. Navigating their way in a new country, county or city can be daunting. Libraries play an essential role as a source of reliable information in the community. This is why we created the New Americans Corner located at the Main Library.

The New Americans Corner is a centralized collection of books, brochures, instructions and more for those residents adjusting to their new community. In addition to information about the naturalization process, the New Americans Corner includes resources needed to successfully pass the citizenship test in English and Spanish, develop English Language skills and understand the rich history and complexity of our American government.

Misinformation and fraud can take advantage of our immigrant population, so providing a dedicated space for these resources makes it easier for new residents to find what they need.

We want to thank our partners, Department of Children and Families - Refugee Services and the Florida Immigrant Coalition, for our ongoing collaboration and for the services they offer our community.

For additional citizenship resources visit USCIS and New Americans Campaign.

Resources for New Americans Corner

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