Games! Mousing Aroundmouse

Practice your mouse skills with some of these internet games:

These games require Java, which was common when this tutorial was created, but is no longer supported by some internet browsers. We apologize if the games do not work for you.

Requires only simple clicking
Battleship Battleship
The classic board game. Sink your enemy's ships before they sink yours!
Checkers Checkers
The classic board game. You know how to play, but do you know how to win?
Concentration Concentration
The classic card game. Test your memory by matching pairs of cards.
Connect 4 Connect 4
The classic board game. Can you get 4 in a row before the computer?
Othello Othello
The classic board game. Will you rely on strategy or luck?
Same Game Same Game
Double-click on groups of same-colored blocks to make them disappear.
Requires faster clicking and mouse movement
Gopher Gopher
Similar to Whack-a-mole. Whack the gophers when they pop out of their holes.
Pong Pong
The classic arcade game. Sometimes less is more.
Red Bugs Red Bugs
Keep your mouse cursor away from the red bugs as they chase you across the screen.
UFO Attack UFO Attack
Save the earth! Guide your missles into the incoming alien ships.

Requires clicking and dragging
IQ Game IQ Game
A game of strategy. Jump pieces around a board to leave only one remaining.
Peg Game Peg Game
Another strategy game of jumping pegs around a board.
Rush Hour Rush Hour
A game of strategy and planning. Move the vehicles back and forth to get the red car out of the lot.
Tower of Hanoi Tower of Hanoi
A puzzle that involves transferring blocks from one spot to another.
smiley Remember, you can use the Internet computers in the Library to practice with these games any time you are in the Library. Just sign up at the Reference Desk and ask for help getting to this page.
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