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The following Palm Beach County maps and atlases are available for use at the Palm Beach County Library System's Main Library Research Center in print or digital format. Library staff will assist you in locating these local maps, as well as Florida, U.S. and world maps in the collection.

The Map holdings are listed below in topical order.


County and State Maps                           

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  • Aerial Photography Florida is a collection of aerial photographs taken between 1930 and 2000. Literally, a portrait of the State, the collection will be comprised of hundreds of thousands of aerial photographs documenting the land use of Florida over time.

  • Air Quality Data Florida Palm Beach County

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  • Bicycle Suitability Map - Eastern Palm Beach County     Palm Beach County Planning Division, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration   Main Library - Map Cabinet

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  • Dolph's Street Atlas Dolph's Map Co. Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, Treasure Coast editions   Main Library - Reference

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  • Florida Geology Maps and Data Florida Department of Environmental Protection

  • Florida High Speed Rail Line Proposed Routes - West Palm Beach. TGV Florida. Sections 1-3. 1989  Main Library - Local Documents

  • Florida House District Maps and Senate District Maps Palm Beach County   Florida Office of Policy Research. 1996. (Color district chart set).  Main Library - Map Cabinet

  • Florida Rail Systems Map  Florida Department of Transportation

  • Florida Reapportionment and Redistricting Atlas    Florida Legislature. 1991. (Florida and PBC maps with user guides)  Main Library - Local Documents

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  • General Future Land Use Maps - Palm Beach County 1989 PBC Comprehensive Plan.  (Blueprint set and related guides) Main Library - Map Cabinet

  • GeoPlan Center University of Florida Urban and Regional Planning Department

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  • PBC Animal Rabies Cases, 1994-97  PBC Cyclospora Infection Locations, 1995-96  Sentinel Chicken (Mosquito-transmitted disease) Locations   Air Quality Monitoring Sites (Belle Glade)   Fire Rescue Stations in Palm Beach County
    Main Library - Local Documents - PBC HEA MAPS 1998

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  • Keetch-Byram Drought Index (KBDI)  Florida Division of Forestry

  • Kissimmee River Restoration Project   Construction Features 1999-2000.  South Florida Water Management District.   Main Library - Map Cabinet

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  • Library - Palm Beach County Library System Special Tax District Map   PBC Library System and PZ&B Department. (Shade map, 1 page)    Main Library - Map Cabinet

  • Library of Congress  Map Collections: 1500-2004

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  • Exploring Florida Maps - University of South Florida

  • Maps and Graphs - Palm Beach County PBC Area Planning Board. 1969-85.  Main Library - Local Documents - PBC PLA MG

  • Maps, Graphs, & Data Book PBC PZ&B Department, Planning Division.  1994-95  Main Library - Reference

  • Maps of Flood-Prone Areas - Palm Beach County  U.S. Geological Survey. 1974. (13 maps in print set)  Main Library - Map Cabinet

  • Martin County, Florida. Internet Street Browser  Martin County Board of County Commissioners, Information Services Department

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  • Official Voting Precinct Maps - Palm Beach County  Supervisor of Elections. 1995 and 1989 retro (Color charts)   Main Library - Map Cabinet

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  • Quadrangle (Topographic) Maps - Palm Beach County  U.S. Interior Department., U.S. Geodetic Survey. (Set of 40 maps; 20x20)   Main Library - Map Cabinet

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  • Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide  Rand McNally .(Includes Palm Beach County profile). 1998 edition.  Main Library - Atlas Display Cabinet

  • Rand McNally StreetFinder  Rand McNally. Palm Beach, Broward, Dade editions.  Main Library - Reference

  • REDI and Experian Aerial and Map Atlases of Palm Beach County  (4 vol.; section maps). REDI, Inc., 1990-97 Experian, 1998-Current.  Main Library - Map Cabinet and Archives

  • Revised Noise Exposure Map   PBC Airports Department. 1992.  Main Library - Local Documents - PBC AIR NEM

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  • School District - GIS Homepage  Planning Department, Palm Beach County School District

  • Sheriff's Office Crime Reports web mapping of neighborhood crime

  • Solid Waste Sites Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority 1996 (Inventory with map)   Main Library - Local Documents - PBC SWA WASTE

  • Storm Evacuation Routes - Palm Beach County NOAA, U.S. Weather Service.  (4-map set.  Color.  Coastal PBC and Lake Okeechobee)   Main Library - Map Cabinet

  • Street Atlas  PBC Engineering, Geoprocessing Section. 2001 and retro editions.  Main Library - Reference

  • Street Index and Map.  Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches  Main Library  -  Map Cabinet

  • Surge Area Mapping System   Palm Beach County Emergency Management Division.

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