Get In The Zone With Green Dot

By: Marisa DeStefano, Green Dot Program Facilitator

Get ready for Green Dot SafeZones! This year, Palm Beach County’s Green Dot Program will be establishing what will be known as “Green Dot SafeZones”. In an effort to provide safe places for anyone who is a potential victim, has been victimized, or knows someone struggling with victimization, the program will be sending out special window decals to signal to the general public that they are in a location where they can receive information on helpful resources.

The only thing an individual would need to do is approach any staff member at that location and say the signal phrase “How do I get in the zone?” The employee will then be able to discreetly bridge the gap between victims and the help that they need.

The Palm Beach County Library System, has agreed to participate as a pilot location for the Green Dot SafeZones initiative. The total combined reach for staff would be circa 1,000 individuals. For the public, the potential reach is upwards of 200,000 individuals within a three-month period. The goal is to be able to connect the community to their local victim services and the partnering agencies that provide assistance to victims. You may begin looking for the Green Dot SafeZones decals at your local county library in October 2019.

Please contact Clarice Redding, Green Dot Program Coordinator at for more information. To learn more about Green Dot Palm Beach County on their Facebook page: