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April 2014 Issue

  1. Introduction
  2. From Memory to History: Holocaust
    Remembrance Day
  3. Get Money Smart
  4. National Library Week
  5. Get on Board the Learning Express
  6. Quick Byte: First Aid by the American Red Cross

Welcome to the April Issue of
Books & Bytes!

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From Memory to History: Holocaust Remembrance Day

Marking the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising during the Second World War, Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom Hashoah in Hebrew, is officially commemorated in the State of Florida on Apr 28, 2014. This year, the Palm Beach County Library System is honored to be partnering with Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Service to offer four engaging multimedia panels entitled, "From Memory to History, Voices of the Holocaust."

In addition, author and Holocaust survivor James Bachner will share his experience in concentration camps at the West Boynton Branch on Apr 28. Videographer Fred Singer will lead a discussion on the docudrama “Holocaust Witness” at the Wellington Branch, and other films will be shown at various branches throughout the month.

Palm Beach County is home to thousands of Holocaust survivors and their families. The Library System not only offers resources for the community to learn more about the Holocaust through programming, books and DVDs, but it is also a place where survivors can share their stories. The Main Library’s CreationStation is poised to welcome survivors and their families to record and disseminate stories with state-of-the-art equipment so that others may learn the lessons of the Holocaust.

For more about the Holocaust Days of Remembrance, visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: http://www.ushmm.org/remembrance/dor/.

From Memory to History, Voices of the Holocaust

Sat, Apr 12, 2:00 pm - Okeechobee Blvd. Branch
Thu, Apr 24, 2:30 pm - Gardens Branch
Tue, Apr 29, 2:00 pm - West Boynton Branch
Wed, Apr 30, 2:00 pm - Hagen Ranch Road Branch
This multimedia presentation will stimulate thought and discussion as we observe Holocaust Remembrance Day. Join with your community as we hear from those affected by the Holocaust and learn how we can honor those who perished and serve those who survived. Co-sponsored by Alpert Jewish Family & Children's Service. (60 min.) Preregister.

"Holocaust Witness"

Hagen Ranch Road Branch
Mon, Apr 28, 2:00 pm
This docudrama follows the story of Halina Laster, a young Polish Jewish girl who was arrested by the Germans for helping smuggle food into a Ghetto and who spent five years in several concentration camps before being released. Videographer Fred Singer leads a discussion following this special film screening in honor of the Holocaust Days of Remembrance. Tickets available, up to 2 per person, starting Apr 21. (90 min.)

Holocaust Remembrance: Memoirs of a Survivor of Auschwitz, Warsaw and Dachau

West Boynton Branch
Mon, Apr 28, 2:00 pm
Holocaust survivor, James Bachner, shares the poignant and horrific experience of his darkest years in concentration camps, reuniting with family members who survived, and eventual relocation to America. (60 min.) Tickets will be distributed starting on Apr 14.

"Holocaust Witness"

Wellington Branch
Wed, Apr 30, 3:00 pm
This docudrama follows the story of Halina Laster, a young Polish Jewish girl who was arrested by the Germans for helping smuggle food into a Ghetto and who spent five years in several concentration camps before being released. Videographer Fred Singer leads a discussion following this special film screening in honor of the Holocaust Days of Remembrance. (2 hr.) Preregister.

Get Money Smart

April is tax season and what better time to get smart: get Money Smart!

Money Smart Week began nearly 10 years ago with partnerships between The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and assorted community groups, financial institutions, government agencies, educational organizations, and financial experts, all designed to help consumers learn to better manage their personal finances.

The Money Smart Week model has grown beyond Chicago with events and activities in nearly forty states. National partnerships with the American Library Association and the Financial Planners Association has increased the effort's reach and accelerated its growth.

Money Smart Week 2014 runs from Apr 05 – Apr 12. The Palm Beach County Library System will again be participating by offering classes and programs around the county for all ages. To learn more about personal finance, careers, consumer safety, grant-seeking, thrifty lifestyle tips and more, join us at one of our Money Smart events this month!

Getting Back to Work in Today's Economy

Jupiter Branch
Wed, Apr 02, 2:00 pm
Join Linda Zamer, former director of the Career Counseling Department of the Jewish Vocational Service, as she provides an overview of essential components of conducting a job search and what to avoid. (90 min.) Preregister.

Financial Statement Soup: Understand the Darn Things & Enjoy!

Wellington Branch
Wed, Apr 02, 2:00 pm
Non-accountants tend to run screaming from financial statements; they’re just too hard to understand. Phil Scruton from the Small Business Development Center at PBSC loves financial statements and will explain – patiently and lovingly – what they mean and how to use them. (2 hr.) Preregister.

Coupon Strategies

Main Library
Sat, Apr 05, 11:30 am Financial education specialist Christie Hardcastle will teach you how to save on groceries using smart coupon strategies. (90 min.) Preregister.

Move Your Résumé to the Top of the Pile

Main Library
Sat, Apr 05, 2:30 pm
Jason Davis, from PBC employee training, will teach industry-best practices for creating your résumé. (2 hr.) Preregister.

Teen Money Smarts Workshop

Main Library
Sun, Apr 06, 12:30 pm
Join us for a unique workshop presented by a representative from PBC 4-H Cooperative Extension. Teens will learn all about the importance of saving money and will be given the tools to be money smart. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity! Snacks will be provided. Grades 6-12. (4 hr.) Preregister.

Straight Talk About Franchising

Glades Road Branch
Mon, Apr 07, 2:00 pm
Franchising today is a $2 trillion industry. With over 3,100 national franchise models to choose from, you can do just about anything – from home tutoring to home cleaning to home health. These businesses offer greater control over your time and lifestyle and provide a vehicle for building equity and wealth. They minimize risk by leveraging proven business models and recognized brands. Presented by franchise consultant Alan R. Goldberg, this is for individuals looking to explore franchise ownership and answers the question: “Is it right for you?” (2 hr.) Sponsored by the Small Business Development Center at PBSC. Preregister by calling 561-862-4726.

How to Stay Out of Trouble When Starting Your Business

Okeechobee Blvd. Branch
Mon, Apr 07, 6:00 pm
Why do people go into business? Learn how to set up your business correctly and legally, why you need to have a business plan for financing, and understand how employment issues affect your business. Also learn the basics of bookkeeping, insurance and taxes. Preregister.

Tips for Preventing Foreclosure

Royal Palm Beach Branch
Mon, Apr 07, 6:15 pm
Maisie Ross, from PBC Extension Service, will explain your alternatives for preventing foreclosure. (60 min.) Preregister.

Grantseeking for Individuals

Main Library
Tue, Apr 08, 10:00 am
Learn how to find and identify potential foundation funding sources using Foundation Grants to Individuals. Learn how and why funders make grants to individuals and gain an understanding of the application process. (60 min.) Preregister.

Secrets of Search & Social Media

Main Library
Tue, Apr 08, 2:00 pm
Learn fun and pragmatic steps to boost your brand and business online. Most of these techniques will be free, or at the least, very inexpensive. Presented by Sharon Geltner, Certified Business Analyst, Small Business and Development Center at PBSC. (2 hr.) Call the SBDC at 561-862-4726 to preregister.

How to Finance Your Small Business in Today’s Economy

West Boynton Branch
Tue, Apr 08, 2:00 pm
Ted Kramer, Small Business Development Center's Regional Director and a Certified Business Analyst, will speak about the issues facing small and new businesses. He will discuss options to fund your business, small business loans, SBA guarantees, factoring, crowdfunding, partnerships and joint ventures. (60 min.) Preregister.

Identity Theft: Minimize your Risk

Tue, Apr 08, 2:00 pm - Jupiter Branch
Wed, Apr 09, 2:00 pm - Glades Road Branch
Thu, Apr 10, 2:00 pm - West Boca Branch
Thu, Apr 10, 6:00 pm - Acreage Branch
A representative of Clearpoint Credit Counseling and Solutions will discuss how to identify if theft occurs, minimize your risk, resolve subsequent credit problems, and identify federal, state and local government resources if you are a victim of identity theft. (60 min.) Preregister.

Career Transitions: What Is It & How Will It Organize My Job Search?

Main Library
Wed, Apr 09, 11:00 am
Our Business Librarian will demonstrate how this online career guidance center can walk you through the job-search process from beginning to end, including assisting with creating résumés and cover letters, assessing career interests, finding job listings, and interview preparation. (60 min.) Preregister.

Taxes: Business & Personal

Wellington Branch
Wed, Apr 09, 2:00 pm
Phil Scruton of the SBDC at Palm Beach State College talks about the world of business taxes (which impact personal tax returns for small business owners) and takes as many questions as he can. The goal is a broad overview and as many specifics as time allows. (2 hr.) Preregister.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in the Home

Main Library
Wed, Apr 09, 2:00 pm
Footprints offer clues about where we came from and where we’re headed. Our carbon footprint measures how much carbon dioxide (CO2) we produce just by going about our daily lives. This session will show how to calculate and reduce your carbon footprint and save money while doing so. Presented by Maisielin Ross, Certified Family Life Educator Program Leader, Family & Consumer Sciences, PBC Extension - UF/IFAS. (90 min.) Preregister.

Reading Makes Cents

Belle Glade Branch
Wed, Apr 09, 4:00 pm
For Money Smart Week, 4-H staff will show us how we can spend, save and share our money. Refreshments served. Ages 6-12. (45 min.) Preregister.

Book & Film Discussion

Greenacres Branch
Thu, Apr 10 & 17, 1:30 pm
In recognition of Smart Money Week (Apr 05-12), join us for a lighthearted discussion of Sophie Kinsella's funny novel about the perils of over-shopping and the worry of debt. Return on 4/17 to see the movie followed by a brief discussion. ©Walt Disney Pictures. (104 min.) Preregister. PG

Steps to Health & Wealth

West Boynton Branch
Thu, Apr 10, 2:00 pm
Identify and share the positive small steps you take everyday leading to good health and wealth accumulation. Presented by Audrey Norman, Director of the PBC Extension Service. (60 min.) Preregister.

How to Conduct Business with Solid Waste Authority (SWA)

Main Library
Thu, Apr 10, 2:00 pm
Phillip Ford, from SWA, will discuss the role that public procurement plays in sustaining the local economy and how suppliers can become a partner with local municipalities. His discussion will concentrate on the SWA of PBC and how you can become part of this organization. In addition, he will provide a mini history of public procurement policies and regulations. Call the Small Business Development Center at PBSC at 561-862-4726 to preregister.

Creating a Personal Budget with MS Excel

Main Library
Thu, Apr 10, 2:30 pm
Get control of your finances and learn how to keep track of your expenses and income by creating a personal budget spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. (60 min.) Preregister.

Request for Proposal - Four (4) Common Types

Main Library
Thu, Apr 10, 3:00 pm
Jackie Rule, Certified Business Analyst at PBSC Small Business Development Center (SBDC), will present the four common types of government contracts found in the Request for Proposal (RFP) cycle. Overview will center on the varying levels of complexity within this contract vehicle.(60 min.) Call the SBDC at 561-862-4726 to prereigster.

Money Smarts for Kids

Glades Road Branch
Thu, Apr 10, 3:30 pm
Maisie Ross, from the Palm Beach County Extension, will be here to talk about money, where it comes from and how to use it. Ages 6-12. (45 min.) Preregister.

Spend, Save, Share: Learning Money Smarts

Main Library
Fri, Apr 11, 4:00 pm
It is never too early to learn about the importance of saving and spending money wisely. A representative from PBC 4-H Cooperative Extension will present this introduction to becoming money smart. Grades 3-5. (60 min.) Preregister.

Why Am I a 678?

Gardens Branch
Thu, Apr 17, 2:30 pm
A representative of Clearpoint Credit Counseling and Solutions will discuss how your credit score can affect your financial life. Topics include: how is your credit score determined, how to improve your credit score, and how to fix errors on your credit report. (60 min.) Preregister.

Finding the Loot to Start-up/Grow Your Small Business: It Ain’t Easy, but It Can be Done!

Wellington Branch
Wed, Apr 23, 2:00 pm
Ted Kramer, Director of the Small Business Development Center at PBSC, talks about financing small businesses: from conventional loans to unconventional sources to downright weird stuff. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! (2 hr.) Preregister.

National Library Week

Apr 13-19, 2014

During NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK and through-out April, libraries host special events to highlight the unique role libraries play in changing people's lives. Today's libraries can help you and your family discover a new and exciting world. Visit your library for computer resources for children, teens and adults, help with your job search, access to subscription databases, library-recommended websites and homework help. You also can obtain information about how to become a U.S. citizen, bilingual resources and neutral financial information to help you make important decisions. Libraries are an oasis if you are looking for adult education classes, or for a recommendation on the best books or e-books to expand your horizons. Open the door to change, visit your library!

Get to Know Your Library!

Wellington Branch
Mon, Apr 14, 10:15 am
Discover the many ways the library can change your life by learning how to access our electronic databases and resources. (60 min.) Preregister.

Lives Change @ Your Library

Main Library
Mon, Apr 14, 7:00 pm
Wed, Apr 16, 3:00 pm
Fri, Apr 18, 2:00 pm
Celebrate National Library Week (Apr 13-19) by visiting the CreationStation and recording your thoughts on how the library has made a difference in your life! All ages. (60 min.)

National Library Week: Beginning Genealogy Research

West Boynton Branch
Tue, Apr 15, 6:00 pm
Mayflower Descendant, Beth MacGregor, will give a presentation of the PBC Library's Genealogy databases to show you how to initiate research and begin forming a family tree. (60 min.) Preregister.

Lives Change @ Your Library

Glades Road Branch
Wed, Apr 16, 2:00 pm
A library staff member will demonstrate how to search Craigslist in order to find local job postings. (60 min.) Preregister.

Intro to Your Library

Okeechobee Blvd. Branch
Thu, Apr 17, 3:30 pm
Find out all about the features on the Library’s website including the layout, navigation and search features, and accessing the e-book collection with your electronic device. (60 min.) Preregister.

Get on Board the Learning Express

Whether you are an elementary student preparing to take the FCAT, a high school student prepping for the SAT, a college grad studying for the GRE, or a career changer seeking certification in a new field, you may have visited the library to look for test study guides or skill building resources. But more and more, savvy library users are turning to handy electronic resources to succeed in school and on the job.

Students from six to sixty can brush up on their skills with Learning Express. This online resource has math and reading tools for elementary students and workplace and computer tutorials for more mature students. Use Learning Express to study for certification for a new field, or prepare for the FCAT, the SAT or the ASVAB to name just a few of the interactive study guides and eBooks included.

Learning Express has recently been updated to include test preparation for the new GED 2014, offering a comprehensive introduction to the new test. You'll learn about the new test format, practice with the new question types, find out what is assessed on all four tests, and more. You’ll find e-books, practice tests and tutorials.

Your library card is your key to these valuable tools for education! Take advantage of the convenient access from your home or office, at our Online Research page. Don’t have a library card? Sign up now for a Temporary Research Access Code (TRAC) to immediately access most of the library’s electronic resources. Learn more about TRAC at http://edb.pbclibrary.org/TRAC/TRACFAQ.pdf.

Quick Byte: First Aid by the American Red Cross

First Aid is a useful app that you’ll hopefully never have to use. However, the day may come when you find yourself in an emergency medical situation and need immediate information on how to react.

The First Aid app by the American Red Cross offers step-by-step instructions on how to handle common emergencies, including choking, asthma, cuts, stings, poisoning, heart attacks and strokes. All content is divided into 3 sections: Prepare, Learn and Emergency. There are pictures, videos and animations that can help you, and, when not confronted by an emergency, are fun to watch and learn from. There are even interactive quizzes that allow users to earn badges. Show off your knowledge to family and friends!

The American Red Cross, perhaps best known for disaster relief, has also included safety tips for dealing with severe weather emergency situations including hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. Preloaded content means you have instant access to all safety information at anytime, even without reception or an Internet connection.

First Aid is available for free on Android, Kindle Fire, and iOS. The app is fully integrated with 911 so you can call for help at any time. Take the time to check it out and be prepared — you never know when you’ll be in an emergency situation.

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